Good reasons to buy an apartment in Mauritius

The advantages of buying an apartment in Mauritius

You have made a wise decision to buy a home and become a homeowner in Mauritius, and you have a preference for apartments. But what type of apartment should you choose? Here is an overview of the different types of apartments available in Mauritius:

Traditional apartment

In general, in Mauritius, an apartment is a dwelling located in a building or a residence, comprising a living room, 2 to 4 bedrooms, with or without en-suite bathrooms, spaces such as bathrooms, laundry room, etc. The apartments can also have balconies, terraces, offices, separate kitchens, small gardens, Jacuzzis, parking spaces or garages, and other amenities. In the residences, you can find additional facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, gyms, spas, elevators and security measures such as cameras and guards.


Duplexes are apartments or semi-detached houses on two floors. They are very common in Mauritius. Some duplexes, like this one for example, are accessible only to Mauritians, while others, like this duplex apartment located in a two-story building, are also accessible to foreigners. There are also luxurious townhouses of this style available for purchase by expatriates and offering residence status.


Triplexes are similar to duplexes, but on three floors or two floors with a roof terrace, like this example of a duplex.


A studio is usually a one-room apartment, but it can also include a separate bedroom.


Penthouses are the most sought-after apartments, whether for rent or purchase. They are spacious, luxurious and offer a breathtaking view. The penthouses are distinguished by their terraces, their freshness, their elegant design and their high-end furniture.

Why choose an apartment?

  • No garden or pool maintenance
  • Management of common areas by a syndic
  • Easy to manage in case of absence
  • Security of living in a building/residence
  • Short or long term leasing facility
  • Advantages of co-ownership

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