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Cap Malheureux

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A private oasis in the heart of nature

CAP MARINA on the water

ACCESSIBLE TO FOREIGNERS with residence permit for the whole family

Discover a Lifestyle Inspired by Nature at Cap Marina, Mauritius

Imagine a lifestyle where you can glide along in your own kayak on peaceful waters, in harmony with nature itself. Cap Marina offers a unique ecological concept, where luxury residences are private oases along the north coast of Mauritius. Each element is carefully designed to elevate the village of Cap Malheureux and create an exceptional residential experience.

Harmony between modernity and authenticity at Cap Marina …..

Cap Marina embodies a fascinating blend of modern decor and authenticity, offering a truly unique living experience. Residents enjoy an incomparable lifestyle, with every amenity within easy reach: from shopping centers and restaurants to museums and medical services.

Sagic sunsets and breathtaking views, enjoy unforgettable moments at Cap Marina’s rooftop bar. Sip cocktails, wine and bubbles while admiring a sublime sunset and a breathtaking panoramic view of Coin de Mire.
Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment in this exclusive setting.

Enchanted Canal: An Aquatic Escape

Stretching over 1.5 kilometers, the Cap Marina canal is a treasure in the heart of the village. Surrounded by date palms, emerald waters and islets, this place between green and blue invites you to escape. This eco-friendly concept offers residents an elegant and exceptional getaway on the water.

Dream Beach: Sea, Sand and Sun

Just 50 meters from Cap Malheureux beach, the Cap Marina residences are designed to combine comfort and refinement. With exclusive access to the Evaco Beach Club in Trou aux Biches, residents enjoy a unique experience in an intimate setting. Savor the varied flavors of Mauritian cuisine while admiring the sandy beach and crystal-clear waters.

Beach club by Evaco Eco-responsible villa for sale in NAUTICA VILLAS Grand Baie - Sustainable architecture and respect for the environment

Luxury Shopping Center: Your Private Destination

The Cap Marina shopping center is much more than just a place to shop. It’s an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the village, where luxury reigns supreme. From artisan markets and local boutiques to an exceptional dining experience, the mall is an invitation to a distinctive lifestyle. Captivating architecture and modern textures create an exceptional living environment for residents.

5-Star Gastronomic Experience and Unique Atmosphere

The Jaguar Aviation restaurant offers an exceptional gastronomic experience for epicureans. Nestled in the north of the island, this 5-star restaurant boasts a unique, elegant ambience. The SEPECAT Jaguar aircraft suspended between the rooftop bar and cigar lounge adds a memorable touch to your dining experience. Discover exclusive à la carte cuisine, all in a setting that creates an immersive atmosphere.

Pirates & Privateers Museum: A Dive into History

Explore the Pirates & Privateers Museum in Cap Marina, a sensory immersion in the days when the East India Company prospered in the Indian Ocean. The museum offers a visual, tactile and auditory experience to better understand this fascinating period.

Craft Market: Celebrating Local Flavors and Cultures

In the commercial village, the Cap Marina craft market celebrates the diversity of local flavors and cultures. This convivial space showcases unique creations, offering an immersive experience where passion and creativity meet.

Highlighting the natural environment, luxurious amenities and unique experiences will make your project more appealing to those seeking an exclusive lifestyle in Mauritius.

Rooftop Bar : Unforgettable moments

With a panoramic view of the turquoise ocean, the rooftop bar is the ideal place to enjoy a magnificent sunset and the breathtaking view of Coin de Mire. To the sound of lounge music, relax in the pool while enjoying aperitifs, creating lasting memories.

Villa Signature Cap Marina à Cap malheureux Real Estate Mauritius Westimmo


Discover Signature Villas surrounded by breathtaking views.
Unparalleled elegance for these 5-bedroom residences with en suite bathrooms. Private cinema, bright lounges, terraces and balconies with panoramic views of the horizon.

In the midst of breathtaking landscapes, the sumptuous Signature Villas embody elegance beyond the ordinary. Treat yourself to a privileged link with nature in these 5-bedroom residences, each with en-suite bathrooms for absolute comfort.
These exceptional spaces include a private cinema for your entertainment, as well as light-filled lounges. You’ll also enjoy vast terraces and balconies offering breathtaking views of the surrounding horizon.

Every aspect of Signature Villas has been designed to merge elegance and nature, creating an unrivalled living experience. Let yourself be seduced by the refinement of every detail in these exceptional residences, where luxury meets natural beauty.

Villa Signature Cap Marina à Cap malheureux Real Estate Mauritius Westimmo


Discover the exclusive 4-bedroom Amazonia Villas, offering privacy and space.
Enjoy elegant interiors, spacious terraces, double garage, pool deck and direct access to the canal with private bay.

Amazonia Villas invite you to enjoy a unique architectural experience. These 4-bedroom residences with en suite bathrooms feature large balconies opening onto exceptional views. An innovative concept integrates elegant interiors that flow harmoniously into spacious, sunny terraces. What’s more, these villas offer a practical double garage, an inviting pool deck and a welcoming shaded entrance.
What really sets these residences apart is the direct access they offer to the picturesque canals, with the added bonus of a private bay. This fluid connection between inside and out creates a coastal lifestyle ideal for water enthusiasts.

The very essence of Villas Amazonia is exclusivity at every level. Every detail has been carefully designed to guarantee privacy, comfort and space for residents. Live in architectural harmony while enjoying the tranquility of a private bay and direct access to the water.

Villa Signature Cap Marina à Cap malheureux Real Estate Mauritius Westimmo


Discover the exclusive 3-bedroom Aquamarine Villas.
Enjoy 300 m² of interior space, private terraces, an infinity pool and a lifestyle that combines modernity and comfort.

The captivating 3-bedroom Aquamarine Villas Ensuite evoke the warmth and charm of the island. With a generous interior space of 300 m², these villas invite you to a unique experience. Each villa has its own private terrace, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.
The centerpiece of these residences is a vast infinity pool, creating a luxurious, relaxing ambience. The exterior has been carefully designed to combine modernity, comfort and the art of living in harmony with the surrounding nature.

In addition to all these attractions, residents enjoy direct access to the canal and a private bay, reinforcing the link between coastal living and island intimacy.

Aquamarine Villas embody an exceptional lifestyle, celebrating the balance between modern refinement and tropical serenity.

Villa Signature Cap Marina à Cap malheureux Real Estate Mauritius Westimmo


Discover the exclusive Villas Lagoon, 2-bedroom en suite residences.
Enjoy 200m2 of living space, an infinity pool, a shaded terrace and direct access to the canal with private bay.

The magnificent Lagoon Villas are the fruit of inspiration drawn from the breathtaking island landscapes. Offering two en suite bedrooms, these properties feature a generous 200m2 of living space. Inside and out, these villas embody tropical elegance.
Each villa blossoms around an exceptional exterior, creating a harmonious link between indoors and out. You can relax in the shade on the shaded terrace, or take advantage of the fabulous infinity pool, complete with barbecue area for convivial outdoor moments.

In addition to these attractions, residents enjoy direct access to the canal, with the added bonus of a private bay. This unique connection to the water underscores the exclusive character of these residences, fusing island intimacy with coastal living.

The Lagoon Villas invite you to experience tropical refinement in an enchanting setting.

Eco-responsible villa for sale at "NAUTICA VILLAS", Grand Baie - Sustainable architecture and respect for the environment


Opt for an eco-friendly lifestyle by choosing to live in our innovative eco villas.
Every aspect has been carefully thought out to minimize our impact on the planet and maximize your comfort.

Bioclimatic architecture plays a central role, adapting harmoniously to the natural environment. It promotes natural ventilation and temperature control, reducing energy consumption.
Building materials have been carefully selected to limit pollutant emissions and use eco-labeled products. What’s more, our villas incorporate renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels for electricity and rainwater harvesting for water needs.

Energy-efficient equipment is also at the heart of our design. So you can enjoy a modern lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint.

By choosing this eco-friendly architecture, you’re investing in a sustainable future for yourself and the planet. You’ll enjoy a living space that harmoniously combines durability, comfort and well-being.

Villa Signature Cap Marina à Cap malheureux Real Estate Mauritius Westimmo

Villa du PARC

Each space is carefully furnished, with meticulous attention to detail. Immerse yourself in the tranquility, lulled by the soothing murmur of the nearby canal.

These truly peaceful villas open the door to the authentic art of living in Mauritius. Every nook and cranny has been meticulously designed and every detail has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail. As soon as you cross the threshold, an atmosphere of serenity sets in. Silence prevails, broken only by the gentle murmur of the nearby canal, adding an extra touch to the surrounding tranquility.
Each villa is much more than just a home. It’s a truly immersive experience in the island’s culture and harmony. The Mauritian art of living, focused on relaxation and connection with nature, is reflected in every aspect of these spaces.

The impeccably furnished interior and thoughtful details create an atmosphere where every moment becomes a soothing escape. These villas envelop you in a bubble of tranquility, allowing you to immerse yourself in the true essence of Mauritius.

Villa Signature Cap Marina à Cap malheureux Real Estate Mauritius Westimmo


Designed by expert architects, these 115 m2 villas combine quality materials, technological innovation and refinement. Immerse yourself in an exclusive luxury hotel concept combining exceptional service and innovation.

The sumptuous Secret Villas invite you to experience the luxury and comfort of a 5-star palace. Each of these individual villas embodies supreme elegance, fusing luxury and refinement to perfection. Created by our teams of seasoned architects, these high-end properties push the boundaries of the traditional real estate landscape. With a surface area of 115 m2, they are true gems of sophistication, equipped with the latest advances in home automation.
These exceptional residences harmoniously blend sleek, high-quality materials with technological innovations. The Secret Villas establish an unrivalled and exclusive prestige concept exclusive concept, offering a luxury hotel experience right in the in the privacy of your own villa.

The fully-equipped complex offers a range of exclusive services to meet the needs and expectations of every resident. Every detail is carefully orchestrated to create an unparalleled living experience.