golf course in mauritius

Apart from the white sandy beaches, Mauritius offers a heavenly and exceptional setting to play golf.

The island is one of the three most popular golf destinations in the world thanks to its unique golf courses, playing between the turquoise blue lagoon and green grass, playing on courses that host the pro circuit or on one of the oldest courses in the world.

Golf 18 holes and 9 holes

Golf PAradis

Climate, vegetation, color, course ….
Playing golf in Mauritius is like playing directly in paradise, two of the courses are among the most beautiful places in the world.


You will have the opportunity to take lessons with the many coaches on the island. They can teach you the basics or help you progress and improve your technique.


Every year, several competitions are organized in the different golf courses of the island. Amateur competition through pro competitions where the best golfers compete on the green facing the lagoon.

Club house

You will be able to eat and relax in the various club houses and enjoy a tasty cuisine in the colors of Mauritius.

Buy a luxury villa on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Mauritius.

Live in the middle of one of the courses with our villas on Tamarina, Anahita or Villa Valriche

Relax on the 18 & 9 holes

Mauritius has 10 18-hole courses and 9 9-hole courses. In a natural and lush setting, you will enjoy a mild climate, endemic vegetation with postal card decorations.

You will evolve on international courses to sharpen your technique or simply for the pleasure.

We can help you invest or rent for a stay.

Golf 18 holes Mauritius

Golf Harmonie

Designed to be accessible to all players, it will reveal all its subtleties over time, and
will enhance a demanding game, where each move is imagined in a technical way, requiring precision and strategy. A course that can be learned and remembered long after playing it…
GEO certified, Harmonie will be designed and managed in a sustainable manner to enhance the biological richness of the site. It will offer exclusive access to the future owners of the estate, who will appreciate both the green setting of the clubhouse and the 18-hole Par 72 course at the
international standards.

Golf of Tamarina

This 18-hole golf course, which covers 206 hectares, offers a unique view of the Rempart, Three Pucelles and La Tourelle mountains.
You can enjoy the Tamarin Bay to relax after a game in this beautiful area.


Avalon Golf Is an 18-hole golf course. This new course was designed by the famous architect Peter Matkovich. Perched on the heights of the island, it will offer you a magnificent view of a lush landscape. In the heart of the cherished wood region, land of tea and giant status.


Golf of 18 holes. This unique course in the world is considered one of the 5 most beautiful courses in the world. The golf course of the island of deer will offer you an exceptional sporting and relaxing moment. It will make you live an unforgettable moment of escape.

Golf PARADIS of Le Morne

18-hole golf course.
Unavoidable and unmissable, the Paradis golf course at the foot of the Morne mountain will offer you a breathtaking panorama.

With the course of Ile aux Cerfs, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful golf courses in Mauritius.

Golf HERITAGE club

Golf of 18 holes. Built on the old sugar factories, it is overlooked by the castle of the old plantation. You evolve along the lemon tree river in a unique and lush vegetation.

Golf GYMKHANA club


olf of 18 holes.
The Gymkhana Club golf course was created in 1844 by the British Royal Navy.
It is the oldest golf course in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth oldest golf course in the world!
Considered a technical course, it requires precision and concentration.
You will evolve in a giant garden surrounded by the many species of plants and trees that the island can offer.


18-hole golf course. The Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius in Anahita is one of the largest and most beautiful golf courses in northern Mauritius. The green hills that flow into the azure blue of the lagoon offers you a unique spectacle.


18-hole golf course. The Golf de Mont Choisy is the latest of the courses of Mauritius. It is located on the northern tip of the island. It was created by the South African Peter Matkovich. Itis a course very appreciated by the golfers of the island.


18-hole golf course. The Legend Golf Course is a very technical golf course. It was designed by the South African champion Hugh Baiocchi. It will walk you through green vegetation and beautiful water points.


Golf of 18 holes. Designed by Rodney Wright and Peter Allis, this course built on natural terrain will offer you a nice walk between volcanic rocks. Par 72 for 5942 m, the 18th hole is the signature of the course.

Mauritius prime destination to play golf

Mauritius is a prime destination to play Golf…. The courses are world-renowned and play by the pro circuit. The climate is ideal to play golf, it is mild, sunny which will allow you to evolve on the various courses which have all their particularity as the golf of Gymkhana, oldest golf in the world of the southern hemisphere or the golf Paradise and that of the island with the stags, being part of the 10 most beautiful golf courses in the world.
There are 10 18-hole courses and 4 9-hole courses scattered throughout the island.
Apart from the golf course and the beautiful white sand beaches, you can enjoy the many things that this pearl lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean will offer you: hiking, surfing, kite surfing, visiting the remains of another time, coldery, restaurant and many other pleasures.

Golf 9 holes

Golf DODO club

Golf of 9 holes.
The Dodo Golf Club has been in existence since 1950 and is one of the 10 most beautiful golf courses in the world.
It is a technical course that evolves on a hilly terrain and this in a beautiful tropical garden.


Golf of 9 holes. Created by champion Gary Player. Its particularity is that the green is a carpet of Kikuyu. It is surrounded by more than 6,000 coconut palms. Welcome to the tropics.


This golf course was built by two Mauritian pro golfer G. Marsh and A. Mohun.This 25-hectar course is very easy, it is advisable for beginner golfers and families. It is the only golf course in the north/west of the island.


Golf of 9 holes.
This route is the only one in the south/east of the island.
It is a small technical golf course and offers wonderful landscapes, between lagoons, green green and exotic garden.