INVESTIR in Mauritius

If you are a foreign taxpayer considering investing in real estate in Mauritius, you should know that this possibility exists, but is subject to certain conditions.
Mauritius offers an attractive environment for international investors, but it is important to understand the legal requirements governing the acquisition of real estate by non-residents.

It is important to note that certain areas or specific real estate projects may be subject to additional restrictions for non-residents. These restrictions may include limits on the maximum surface area of the property, specific land ownership rules or particular requirements linked to the use of the property (principal residence, seasonal rental, etc.). It is therefore crucial to familiarize yourself with these regulations before making a purchasing decision.


The first thing to know is that Mauritius is a “ETAT OF RIGHT”, which means that the country has a legal system that protects operations.

Investing in real estate in Mauritius can prove to be a very interesting investment:
– Buy from a PDS/IRS/RES/IHS/R-2 and Smart City real estate program
– Buy in a new or second hand program
– Buy a new villa or apartment
– Retirement

Mauritius’ double taxation treaty offers a significant financial advantage to foreign investors. This convention, signed with over 43 countries, avoids double taxation on the same income.

In concrete terms, if you decide to invest in real estate in Mauritius, you will only be subject to tax in that country, at an attractive rate of 15%. This means that you will not be taxed a second time in your country of origin or in any other country with which Mauritius has signed this treaty.

This advantageous tax provision helps to make property investment in Mauritius even more attractive, by reducing the tax burden for foreign investors.

Don’t hesitate to call on our expertise to learn more about the tax implications of your real estate investment in Mauritius and to obtain personalized advice on how to optimize your tax benefits.


Investing abroad can offer your company many advantages, whether it’s expanding your international presence, accessing new markets or benefiting from more favorable economic conditions.

Investing abroad gives you the opportunity to diversify your activities and reach new markets. This allows you to reduce your dependence on a single market and position yourself as a global company.
By creating an international presence, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of growth and profitability.Investing abroad can enable you to benefit from more favorable economic conditions, including attractive tax regimes, lower labor costs or government subsidies. These advantages can improve your profitability and give you a competitive edge.


Why invest in Mauritius

If you’re looking for secure, profitable investments, or if you’re planning to prepare for retirement and pass on a legacy to your loved ones, real estate investment is the perfect solution. Compared to Europe, it presents fewer risks and is less affected by economic fluctuations.
Indeed, real estate enjoys relative stability in the face of the cyclical problems affecting other sectors. This makes it a less risky and more secure choice for investors.


Area: 1,865 sq km.
Length: 65 kms Width: 48 kms.

Its tropical and subtropical climate remains mild all year round thanks to temperatures that vary between 16 degrees in the evening in winter and 34 degrees during the day in summer, with a constant of 25 degrees.


Halfway between Africa and Asia, with a French, English, Chinese, and Indian culture which gives a colorful melting buddy.
No official language, French is the common language, English is the administrative language but Creole remains the most spoken language by Mauritians.
The country has about 1.3 million people.


Two health systems:
– Free public sector (routine care, surgery and medicines)
– Private sector paying.
Doctors have often received training in Europe, clinics have very good equipment.

Why lose money in France

Mauritius offers much more than a mild tropical climate, diverse geography and breathtaking scenery. It’s also a place where the quality of life is gentle, and where the fruits of your labor are safely yours.

As a signatory to several multilateral treaties and conventions, Mauritius guarantees protection for foreign investors, offering an ideal environment with favorable economic conditions. Here are just a few of the advantages that make Mauritius a popular investment destination:

  • No trade controls: Mauritius offers total freedom for international transactions, encouraging financial flows and investment.

  • Asset protection for foreigners: Foreign investors benefit from strong asset protection, enabling them to invest in Mauritian real estate with confidence.

  • Double taxation treaties under the OECD: Mauritius has established double taxation treaties with many OECD member countries, offering foreign investors the opportunity to reduce their tax burden.

  • Free trade zones and free port: Mauritius offers attractive free trade zones for investment, as well as a free port enabling investors to benefit from competitive advantages.

In fact, they can take advantage of Mauritius’ advantageous tax system while maintaining their tax obligations in France.

Buy a luxury villa in Mauritius

The Mauritian government is making it easier to obtain building permits in order to stimulate foreign investment in real estate. This translates into a variety of new real estate developments of different standing, offering foreign investors a multitude of attractive options in Mauritius.

The Mauritian government is unlocking many building permits to allow builders to offer new real estate programs of different standards, to encourage and encourage foreign investors to invest their money in Maurice.
There are 6 investment programs:
PDS Mauritius: Property Development Scheme
IRS Mauritius : Integrated Resort Scheme
RES Mauritius: Real Estate Scheme
HIS Mauritius: Integrated Hotel Scheme
R+2 Mauritius: a condominium apartment in a building with at least two floors.
Smart City Mauritius : City within a city development program

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