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Are you looking for a property to buy in the center of Mauritius for your primary or secondary home?

What type of property are you looking for?

  • Camping: Enjoy a location right on the water or near the beach.
  • Villa: Treat yourself to a spacious and luxurious villa.
  • Apartment: Choose a modern and comfortable apartment.
  • Penthouse: Live in luxury with our exclusive penthouses.
  • Architect’s house : Discover our unique houses designed by renowned architects.
  • Semi-detached house / Duplex: Choose a practical and friendly lifestyle.
  • New program : Buy in a program on plan or under construction
  • No agency fees: Buy in programs with no agency fees for you

Which villa can I buy if I am a foreigner?

For expatriates, the acquisition of real estate in Mauritius is subject to certain restrictions. Under Mauritian law, foreigners can only purchase properties under the PDS scheme, which now encompasses the former IRS and RES schemes.

The minimum investment amount required is Rs 6,000,000 for an R+2 construction without a residence permit, or $375,000 with a residence permit.
However, a new law also allows foreigners to acquire non-accessible real estate, even if it does not fall under the PDS or R+2 regime.
However, some special conditions apply, please contact us for more information, as this possibility is not available to all profiles.

Discover our complete selection of villas, apartments and penthouses for sale in the West of Mauritius, in the Black River district, including the main towns such as Rosehill, Moka, Quatre Bornes, Floréal

In addition to the publicly available sales, we also offer private and exclusive sales in our portfolio.

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