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What type of property are you looking for?

  • Camping : Rent and enjoy a spot right on the water or near the beach.
  • Villa: Rent a spacious and luxurious villa.
  • Apartment : Rent a modern and comfortable apartment.
  • Penthouse: Live in luxury with our exclusive penthouses for rent.

Which villa can I rent if I am a foreigner?

As an expatriate, you can easily rent a property in Mauritius with our service. We make sure to establish a solid lease agreement that protects the interests of all parties involved.

Upon arrival, you will be required to make a payment of one month’s rent and a deposit of one or two months.

Discover on this page our exclusive selection of properties for sale in the center of Mauritius, including cities such as Rosehill, Moka, Quatre Bornes, Floreal for the most known

How to build a villa in Mauritius

How can foreigners build their own villa in Mauritius? How to find a plot of land in Mauritius, how to find a builder in Mauritius? We’ll tell you all about it and give you our advice – we’ll be with you every step of the way ….

Investing in Mauritius: 5 Good Reasons

Discover 5 good reasons to invest in Mauritius and explore growth opportunities. Take advantage of a stable economic environment, attractive tax benefits and
a world-renowned tourist destination. Maximize your success with a skilled workforce

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Mauritius is attracting more and more expatriates in search of a destination offering unique cultural diversity and harmony between different ethnic groups. In this article, we explore the eclectic side of Mauritius, highlighting the many advantages for expatriates.

Mauritius, a whale-watching paradise: Where and when to see them?

Mauritius is a whale-watching paradise. Find out when and where to see these majestic ocean giants. Tamarin Bay and the bay of Grande Rivière Noire are must-see destinations for humpback whale lovers.

MOPRI: The Revolutionary App to Compare Prices in Mauritius

Discover MOPRI, the revolutionary application that helps you compare the prices of products in over 50 outlets in Mauritius. Save money, make informed purchasing decisions and keep inflation under control with this practical solution.

A trip to paradise: The idyllic beaches of Mauritius

Paradise beaches in Mauritius: invest and escape to an idyllic spot for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Turquoise waters, pristine white sand, the perfect setting for unforgettable vacations and unique investment opportunities.

Budget 2023 in Mauritius: Promising prospects for real estate and the economy

Discover the promising real estate and economic initiatives of Budget 2023 in Mauritius. With a focus on sustainability and attracting investment, the Mauritian government is facilitating access to real estate for resident non-citizens and encouraging renewable energy projects. In addition, measures to simplify immigration and labor processes encourage business expansion. Get all the details in this informative article.

Discover the Balise Marina in Tamarin, a jewel of luxury real estate in Mauritius

Discover Balise Marina in Tamarin, a luxury real estate paradise combining tropical elegance, breathtaking views and world-class facilities. An unparalleled living experience in Mauritius.

Good reasons to buy an apartment in Mauritius

Reasons to buy an apartment in Mauritius for foreigners: diversity of options and favorable regulations.

How to buy a property in Mauritius

Westimmo Blog – How to buy a property in Mauritius

ST PIERRE – Beautiful modern 2 bedroom flat on the ground floor of a villa

ST PIERRE - Rs 25,000 - Westimmo long term rental St Pierre - Modern furnished 2 bedroom apartment on first floor of villa

25,000 MUR/Month